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I am retired Major Bill Spurlock. I am running in the GOP primary as a conservative who believes in duty, faith, family, honor and personal responsibility. We have to do something to make tomorrow better – fast! We are slapping Band-Aids on too many issues and kicking our problems down the road for future generations to solve. I believe government shouldn’t spend revenue it doesn’t have. The national debt has become a national security threat.

That is one of the reasons I remain so adamant about getting ordinary citizens elected to public office. We need experts in military service, medical personnel, teachers – educated citizens who understand the realities of most Americans. How can you adequately represent people if you have no idea how they get by?

I grew up a soldier and a working man – and this makes me a little different from most politicians.

As a former general contractor, I appreciate how financial investments generate income, provide jobs and increase economic prosperity. Our Congress needs to focus more on issues that benefit the hard-working families of Tennessee. We need to continue growing our business community to afford better economic opportunities for all.

I support a strong military and our law enforcement community. The only way we can live in peace is by maintaining a strong deterrent to those who would seek to harm us and destroy our way of life.

Politicians have let us all down.

If you elect me to the United States Congress, I will do everything in my power to serve, protect, and represent each and every citizen of Tennessee.

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My Story

Bill SpurlockWilliam E. “Bill” Spurlock grew up in Chattanooga, TN. He was raised on Lookout Mountain by a single mother and attended The Baylor School. Following graduation, Bill joined the U.S. Marine Corps. After three years on active duty in the Marines, he came home to attend The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, earning a B.S. in Business Management.

Bill went on to work as a police officer, a mechanic, a welder, a carpenter, a long-haul truck driver and a Licensed General Contractor (having personally laid down the bricks on Chattanooga’s Riverwalk and Market streets).

Following attacks on the World Trade Center, Bill sought out deployment opportunities in the War on Terror. After his first tour in Afghanistan, he volunteered for two more tours until his unit was called to serve in Iraq. His fifth and final combat tour took Bill back to Afghanistan, where he served as a combat advisor in hostile regions, assisting the Afghan National Army in fighting the Taliban. For his military service, Bill was awarded the Bronze Star twice, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and the Army Meritorious Service Medal.

He retired at the rank of Major, having been rated number one above all other Majors holding the same position for five consecutive years by the United States European Command.

“Today, there has been a nationwide call for military leaders to step up and assume a larger role in electoral politics. Congress is dominated by lawyers and lobbyists who simply do not understand what the average American goes through every working day. As soldiers, we are tasked with finding solutions. There are no awards for bickering and political posturing. We lead. We deliver results.

I am running for Congress because the values sculpted by a call to duty and service to country are more important than ever.

Unlike many, I am not in this race for personal gain or to ‘cash in’ later as a lobbyist. I am running to get things done and move the State of Tennessee and our great country forward.”


William “Bill" Spurlock.