The budget, or lack thereof, by the start of each new fiscal year, as required in the United States, is out of control. Not only has Congress not produced a balanced budget to the President in time to stop a continuing resolution for the last 8 years, they have not even produced a budget (again, much less a balanced one.) We continue to pass good legislation, but we can make that legislation GREAT by insuring as we pass it, that if it cuts government revenues, like a tax cut bill, then there should be balancing spending cuts to keep our National Debt from continuing to rise to the point it becomes a national security concern. We are not far from that point and we cannot just continue to kick this problem down the road so that the generations that follow will have to deal with it. It is an undisputable fact, that requires action to reduce our National Debt and it MUST be done sooner than later. Let’s keep passing legislation, but let’s at a minimum, insure that each piece of legislation passed is at least balanced within the legislation itself, leading to a zero sum effect on the debt, but certainly not increasing it.